Capt Weaver's

Mesopotamia Photographs

Dr Gerard Bulger
The camera man:
Pre & post war  
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Mesopotamia 1915-19:
Stores Amarah

Amarah and Armistice 
Baghdad and Air
British staff, transport
Mespot peoples
People and Chaldeans
Boats &  Red Cross
More named people
Nurses and Play
Some of these photographs were of poor quality, or were very faded.   Captain Weaver may have found fixative hard to come by.  My scanner has brought some of these to life. As a result some are rather "noisy" files, so their size in kilobytes will not reflect their size in pixels.  A few of  the less detailed and faded pictures are more evocative, and could even look like a Turner picture.

I have tried to keep files under 250kb avoiding compressing ratio of greater than four.  Some have been sharpened which may give a rather harsh crisp texture, not to everyone's taste. They pictures are often cropped from the originals as they usually had redundant sky or foreground.

Mostly scanned in at 300dpi. Many of the originals were only 2.5 inches by 1.75 inches.

They are placed here are in the same curious order that he put them in his albums  The captions, for the most part, are his.

I do not have the negatives.

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