"Remnant Sail"

Round boats for Ferry work made from reeds and bitumen

HM HS Syria Busrah to Bombay

HM HS Eloria Busrah to Bombay

HP5, One of the hospital ships on the Tigris

Paddle Boat HP2

Barge Alongside

Paddle Ambulance

Paddle Ambulance

The First Ambulance boat in Mespotomia

Description of Amulance Craft

Hospital motor ship NABHA BRSG. Many lives were saved using ice from this ship, when there was no other source

This boat was built in england, taken to pieces and rebuilt in Bombay

Launch Party Bombay

British Red Cross Launches sent from England by Public subscriptions

Red Cross launch

Below Decks of The Glasgow

Motor Launch Glasgow

Florence Nightingale Launch burnt out on Tigris 1917

Southend Sailing Boat "The May" had its mast taken out, and see next

An old bus motor engine added to become the first motor ambulance launch on Tigris as "Essex"

Essex at the end of war known as Swift II

A 6 cylinder napier car engine forced Helen through the water. As broad as she was long

Small Craft transported on larger


Turkish steamers scuttled by germans to prevent our passage. The strong current washed them clear of the fairway.

The First standard USA ship to reach Mespot. 5 Masts and Aux engine

Turkish Prisoners being shipped from Basrah to Bombay 1916

Types of River craft

Ed: Stephenson's Rocket Remade?

Coming alongside

Gunship on The Tigris

Turskish Steamer Captured before fall of Bagdad

Turkish Steamer captured, photo shows both flags flying.