Hinada Camp near Baghdad

Hinada Camp near Baghdad

General Maude's grave Baghdad

Coptic Church

Bagdad Arab Tomb

GHQ Baghdad

British Officer's GD Baghdad

British Hospital Baghdad

Bridge of Boats Baghdad

IWP Workshops Baghdad

23rd British Hospital Baghdad

23rd British Hospital Bagdad

Union Flag Baghdad

In and out

Editor does not know where this was

The Golden Domes at Kasamain

Mosque at Kasamain

Mosque at Kasamain

View of WADI camp and bridge of boats, which was frequently washed away.

Hanging Gardens Babylon


Nebuchad Nezzar's palace

Drawing water from Tigirs

Drawing water from Tigirs

Drawing water from Tigris

Drawing Water from Tigris

Tigris Boats

Sunset Tigris

Indian Soldier

Gun Movement

Mespot from the Air

Description on Back of Next Photo Areroplance BE2C

Areoplane used in battle of Shaik Saad

Broken Plane

Turkish POW before the fall of Kut

Date Gathering