Ali Mansuit-et-Sa'dun, Capt Eadie A.P.0., Abdul Kerim-al-Hamdun

Childern, Mesopt 1917

Capt Collins IWT, Capt Yoel RAMC, Lt Col Moens, B.R.C.S.



Arab Policeman

Family Group

Arab Carpet Dealer

Girl, Armarah

Fish market

Unloading cinders (ash) from the transport ships to build camp roads

head-dess and ornament

Arab gardeners

Head man of a coolie gang

Arab,Persian Kurd, Engr. W.D. Holmes

Messrs Chalkley and Gibbon selecting eggs on the way to Kut

Carrying loads on their heads

Water Carrier

Market Women

Persion with case of bandages wt 2C

Persian carrying bales of medical wools weighing 200lbs

Iced Drinks. British troops were not allowed to purchase from these men

Curds (sour milk) for sale


Types of workmen used

Both man abd beast covered to keep off sun's rays and flies.

Buy fish from the bottom of this boat


Sunday Best

Sheik of Distric above Amarah

Jewish boys bagdad, speaking Arabic, French and English

Mesopotmia Dwelling