Life Boat Drill



Music Hall

Private MAynard

Sgt Jackson as Arab Dancer

Engr Powler

Pte Postle

Pte Jock Ballie

Eng Cumbur

Engr Middleton

Engr Jennings

Gunner Spencer

Sgt Jackson

Lt Crowe and..

Names on the Photo

Bracken, Huxley, Williams.Ricken, Smith, Murry, Newall

Not named

Engrs Davy Gibson and Robinson, note the dust.

Mr Soper

Capt Fothergill RAMC

Captain Anderson RAMC

Capt Wilson I.W.T. Died Xmas 1918 Baghdad. Ed: "Medication" recongnisable to this day.

Mr Borgeson of Thornycrofts

Captain Daunt RAMC

On Board

Red Cross Motorboat Engineers 1916

In chair pte Griffiths, Nephew of L-G

Sleigh - Latham


Another Cup

Outside palace of Ex Saltan of Egypt Xmas 1915. ED: Taken in UK?

ED: Taken in UK after training?

Lt Stone, Capt Holmes, lt Col Moens, Weaver, Viscount Tamworth, Mr Chalkley, Mr Barton

Russ in Alexandria

Arriving with Stores

No comment

Holmes, CHW, Salcombe,

CHW, Lt Hale, Lt Cox

Lt R Hale

CHW, Stone Reed IAR

Lt Col S.M. Moens CIE CBE

CHW Hale

Princess Louvain Lt Col Green

Capt Anderson

lt Paske, RNR, CHW, Hoddinott and Stone