Ferry Boat Khandak Creek

Entrance to Basra

For the most part out of bounds

Bazaar Bazrah

Street Basrah

Indian Ambulance Cart

The British Red Cross Socoety Replaced these with launches and motorised vehicles.

GPO Ashar Basrah and main Telegraph Office (Eastern t Co.

Used for observing Turks on the Shiba Battlefield

Shiba Fort. Cattle round the walls

Shiba Fort

Hannah's Tomb

Sobier (old Bagdad)

Entrance to Sobier

Sinbad's Tower Sobier

Nasiriyeh Mosque

G.S.H. Nasiryeh

Store Dump 1916

BRCS Store Hut Busrah 1917

BRCS Camp Basrah 1916

BRCS office 1918