Stores Barah

Sisters of N0 40 BHH Basrah Xmas 1917

Sisters of No 40 BGH Basrah 1917

Sisters of No1 BGH Amarah 1918

No names

Marriage of lt Col Gaaston IWT Amarah 1917

Leaving the Church

Sisters Birch and Knox QAI MNS with RAMC staff on HP3 Hospital ship Amarah to Kut 1918

Sister Morrison QA

Sister Lenox (China)

Sister Storker

Sister Gill

Special protective enclosure for nurses, in net is Miss Lancashire.

Nurses on the water

Lady Willingdon Maj Gen Brownlow

Sick Sisters hopital Amarah

You could only do this when picture taken at 5am

Sisters Knox and Birch Basrah

Sister Simpson QAIMNS R

First left, Sister Mouir Receiver RRC for bravery on burning hospital ship

Sisters of No 1 BGH Amarah

patients of No 1 BGH


Ed: Cutting from unknown paper 1917