The Man and where he Went

His Curriculum Vitae, as described in his own documents

Sketch of Mesopotamia

Part of a local 1917 Christmas Card

Mr Weavers British Passport

Came as a single sheet folded like a Map

Red Cross Pay Book

His Red Cross pay book

Items he was issued

Picture taken by Imperial Studios Alexandria 1915

Mr Weaver on his way

Dickinson's Paper Mills Aplsey Hertfordshire

The largest employer at the time, Mr Weaver joined in 1899, and retired in 1948, with a four year war service break.

Dickinsons circa 1900. Barges

The factory was on The Grand Union Canal

Mr Weaver's medals

Including WW2 Home Guard duties

WW2 Picture of a fuller Mr Weaver

Wearing his medals as shown

Collecting his MBE 1920

With his Mother

Post War Family Man

He married into the local East Family. The baby was Edna Joyce Weaver (Huntly) who died in 2002 She had faithfully kept this memorabilia.

Memorial for Dickinsons Employees who died in The Great War

The order of Servie for the War memorial

Captain Weaver as Band Leader

Dickinson's Union band was by 1936 a broadcast band