Taking the sick on board at post hospital at Sheik Sand

British Trenches in the sand at Siniat, below Kut

British Trench Siniat

Kut-el-Amarah on Tigris

View of Kut-El-Amara

British Cemetery Kut

Moument erected by Turks to commemorate thier taking of Kut

Was retaken before they had unveiled it. Used for the same purspose by British

Bazaar Kut

Nursing Sisters' Rest room

House in which General Townsend was taken Prisoner KUT

Civil Hospital Kut

Britsh Red Cross Depot Kut

Ruins Kut-el-Amarah

Kut Ruins

Kut Ruins

It was found necessary to shell this praying tower as the Turks refused to cease using it as an observation post

The Arch ar Ctestiphon